Not a Goodbye, but a See You Later – Becca’s Farewell

Although the InteCare team has mixed emotions about Becca Sigafus leaving to pursue her own endeavors; we were excited to support her next adventure. As many of you already know, Becca is truly an inspiration to family, friends, and colleagues.Not only is she a great role model to all, she can walk into any room and puta smile on everyone’s face. Along with a remarkable work ethic, Becca has a great sense of humor.

To celebrate a bitter-sweet, but special occasion, we surprised Becca with a “Crazy Hat” luncheon and enjoyed a Hawaiian Farewell Reception tohonor 16 years of Becca’s contributions and accomplishments while working with InteCare. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the reception and/or sent pictures and well wishes for the slideshow surprise.