New! Behavioral Healthcare Toolkit for Primary Care Physicians

A new toolkit has been added to the MDwise website to assist primary care practices with treating MDwise members who have behavioral health issues.  The toolkit contains sections for treating ADHD, Depression, Autism/PDD, and Anxiety.  Each segment contains:

  • MDwise Clinical Care Guideline for the specified disorder
  • A rating scale to use for establishing baseline and follow up measures
  • Disease management handouts and worksheets.

Behavioral Health providers may also find the toolkit helpful as it contains all of the above information in one centralized document.

The toolkit also contains a help guide titled When to Refer to a Behavioral Health Provider and a referral form to send to the behavioral health provider documenting the reason for referral. The Behavioral Health Referral Form is a useful tool for meeting the HEDIS Continuity and Coordination of Care requirement.

The toolkit was compiled in part, due to a 2009 web-based survey conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The survey asked families to give feedback related to their experience with discussing mental health issues with their primary care physicians.  The top 5 responses mentioned were: resource materials on mental health placed in waiting rooms, having a private area to discuss issues, more knowledgeable staff, supportive, nonjudgmental staff, and screening tools and questionnaires.  The toolkit contains a link to the full report.

While this report was based on family practice, it stands to reason that families might also want resource materials, screening tools, and questionnaires at their behavioral health provider as well.

We will continue to add to the toolkit over time and hope that you find the information useful in your practices.  If you have suggestions for future treatment focuses or educational materials, please email Jennifer Layden at