Working To End Homelessness

InteCare’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program helps Veterans across nine counties in Indiana who are either homeless or facing eviction. There are over 40,000 Veterans currently experiencing homelessness in the United States. InteCare’s program is one of four organizations serving Indianapolis and the surrounding counties.

We are able to serve 400 Veteran families each year and want to share the successful story of one of these Veterans, a young man who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom came to the InteCare SSVF program while living on the streets in Edinburgh, IN. He had been in and out of treatment facilities for injuries sustained while serving in a combat zone. Case Manager, Emily Quillen, helped him immediately find shelter through Stepping Stones Homeless Shelter in Anderson, IN.  When the Veteran came to InteCare SSVF, he had not been receiving his full social security benefits for quite some time due to a failed attempt of employment and did not have access to health services that he needed.

Emily helped the Veteran to get his social security income restored immediately and helped him gain access to health services as well. Emily helped the Veteran find permanent housing shortly thereafter and referred him to a Supportive Housing Program where he has remained successfully housed for over six months now. The Veteran continues to succeed and enjoy his new apartment.