What is the Provider Manual?

Did you know that InteCare

has a Provider Manual which explains virtually all of the aspects regarding credentialing, contracting and how to contact the Managed Care Entities?

To access the Provider Manual you may go to www.intecare.org then click on the Providers tab.  Once on the Provider Page click on Credentialing.  On the Credentialing page, scroll to the bottom right side of the screen to click on the link to access the Provider Manual.

There are detailed explanations about what is required for credentialing and contracting. Providers are required to keep us up to date about any changes in your organization such as address, tax id, and providers leaving or new hires. Providers are also required to submit an up to date copy of their professional liability insurance.

The Provider Manual is a resource that has information on our key staff to help you know who to contact for your questions.   It also has our address and contact information for all staff.

You may refer to the Provider Manual to get information on how to make compliments, complaints as well as our dispute and appeals processes. The Manual also has sections on confidentiality, customer satisfaction and Quality Improvement Activities.

If you have any questions regarding the Provider Manual or how to access it please contact us.

Julie Maxwell-Coker
Credentialing Manager