QI Corner – Provider Satisfaction Survey Results

Each year, InteCare sends out a Provider Satisfaction Survey to collect feedback directly from the Providers we credential.  The 2011 survey was sent out this month and we want to thank those providers who took the time to tell us how we are doing.

This year we had an Overall Satisfaction  Score of 86.4%.  This is above our target score of 85% and is an increase of 2.9% over last year.

Highlights from this year’s survey were:

  • 95.1%  would recommend a peer become part of the InteCare Network
  • 99% positive rating for the courtesy and helpfulness of the Provider Relations/Credentialing staff
  • 92.3% positive rating for the timeliness of the credentialing process
  • 96.3% positive rating for the efficiency of InteCare updating changes to provider information

In addition to the questions we ask in our survey, we also offer the opportunity for participants to comment and give us compliments or constructive criticism and ideas for how we can improve our services.  This year we received  a total of 52 comments; 10 positive, 26 constructive and 10 that were about service issues that InteCare does not provide such as OTRs, Claims and Prior Authorizations.  We are pleased to receive the compliments about our services and also appreciate those who took the time to provide their input on where our services have room for improvement.  We are committed to providing the best services possible and do have several changes in the works that should increase efficiencies and streamline the credentialing/Recredentialing process!