Provider NPI Number Registration Requirement

We are continuing to try to get “the word out” on the importance of making sure you have registered your NPI number with the State. Please note that simply getting an NPI number does not mean that your NPI is automatically registered with the State of Indiana. You must register your number through the process located on the IHCP website.

Remember, effective October 1, 2009, the State requires providers of services to the Medicaid population to have a NPI number registered with each location their services are provided. If your NPI is not registered, the claim for Medicaid covered services will be denied.

InteCare, Inc. staff created a “Provider Fast Facts Bulletin” that outlines each step to complete this process. You can find this document on our website at on the provider page under provider documents. For more detailed information please review the NPI Reporting Tool User Guide available on the IHCP website, For questions about the NPI reporting tool, call HP customer assistance at 317-655- 3240 or 1-877-577-1278.