MHFRP Time Study Training Now Online!

Participants selected to complete the Mental Health Funds Recovery (MHFRP) time study each quarter are required to attend training to learn how to complete the documentation.  Previously, the requirement was in person training at one of 15 locations across the State.

Beginning with quarter four of CY2011, the training is now web based.  Each time study participant will receive an email with a link to access the training online.  The training consists of three parts and has interactive quizzes after each section.  Training can be completed at the participant’s convenience during the two weeks prior to the time study week.  Online training will provide cost and time savings to the agencies and their time study participants.

The time studies are an important part of the MHFRP Claim and directly affect the amount of funding each agency receives.  It is extremely important for the selected participants to complete the online training and accurately complete the time studies.

Please call Nikki Russell or Jill Derryberry at 1.888.591.6128 with any questions regarding the training or the time study.