MHFRP – Online Time Study Goes Live!

ExtraThe Mental Health Funds Recovery Program (MHFRP) is a federal reimbursement program that allows Managed Care Providers to recover federal funds based on Medicaid administrative activities performed by agency staff.  The week-long time study is an approved method to quantify the amount of time spent completing administrative activities by providers across the state.

This year, InteCare signed an agreement to have software developed that enables us to gather the Time Study and Participant Activity Log (PAL) information online!  This new feature is user friendly and will save the agency liaisons’ and the time study participants’ time while reducing errors in the documentation; hoping to eliminate audit findings in the future.

The most recent round of participants completed the new online time study the second week of July.  We received many positive comments regarding the online tool and some recommendations for the next time study.  Feedback is very much appreciated and our main goal is to have a valid time study that meets the participants’ needs.