Mental Health Treatment

Warning Signals – when to seek help

Many people are not sure how to judge when professional help for mental problems may be needed. Here are some behaviors that may be signs of trouble:

1. Is the person acting differently than usual? Could this change be linked to something that has happened recently? Any event, such as the death of a close relative, loss of a job, marital break-up, or even something positive – like a job promotion – can trigger a troublesome emotional reaction.

2. Does the person complain of episodes of extreme, almost uncontrollable, anxiety or “nervousness”? One sign of an emotional problem is “free floating” anxiety that is unrelated to a normal concern, such as a child’s illness or a backlog of bills.

3. Does the person become aggressive, rude, and abusive over minor incidents or talk about groups or individuals “out to get me”? If such remarks are made in all seriousness, and if violent behavior occurs, it is likely that help is needed and should be sought.

Any of these symptoms, if they persist or become severe, may suggest a need for professional help. Fortunately, early identification and treatment of the problems causing this behavior often can make these symptoms disappear.


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