InteCare’s SSVF Program Helping Hoosier Veterans Find Permanent Housing

InteCare’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program, funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, has been in operation since November 20, 2013. To date the program has served 200 Veteran households and has provided financial assistance to help Veteran families find permanent housing or to help them keep their current housing. Since the start of InteCare’s SSVF program, it has expanded into three additional counties: Rush, Wayne and Vigo totaling ten counties in Indiana. InteCare’s SSVF Program has partnered with Easter Seals Crossroad’s Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) which provides employment services to Veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. This partnership has allowed Veterans enrolled in the SSVF Program to gain meaningful employment.

One example of how the SSVF program has assisted a Veteran family was by assisting a family of seven, three adults and four children who were facing eviction and had disconnect notices on their utilities. The Veteran was the only person in the house with health insurance, and the family was also having difficulty buying food. Both family cars were uninsured and in need of repairs. The family was enrolled in the SSVF program and since their enrollment the Veteran started a new job, the family’s bills are current, they now have Medicaid for the children and SNAPS and TANF have been applied for the individuals in the household. The other adults in the home were given information on so they could also seek health insurance. Both vehicles are now insured and a budget was created with the family so they can maintain their housing and they have an appointment set up for energy assistance. The family has also been referred to other community resources to assist with expenses not covered by the SSVF Program.

Success stories like these happen every day in the SSVF program; if you know a Veteran household in need and would like to make a referral please call 855-896-4345. For more information on the program or to arrange a community presentation, please contact SSVF Program Supervisor:
Ashley Peavler