InteCare/BHMI Partnership Expands!

InteCare and Behavioral Health Management, Inc. have been working in partnership to provide administrative services for the State Medicaid programs since the fall of 2007. Entering this year, this partnership encompassed Network Development, Administration and Credentialing Services for MDWise Behavioral Health Program. This partnership included all three MDWise Medicaid programs, including the Care Select, Healthy Indiana and Hoosier Healthwise Managed Care Programs.

Beginning this summer, the InteCare/BHMI partnership was expanded to include two new projects: the creation of a Clarian Health Plan Medicaid Advantage Behavioral Health Network, and a large scale data management initiative on behalf of the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Clarian Health Plan has operated it’s Medicare Advantage Plan in fourtheen Indiana Counties over the past few years, growing it’s enrollment to over 7,000 covered lives. The Plan offers four different benefit packages for Medicare eligible individuals, and has aggressive plans to grow both geographically and in terms of enrolled lives.

In 2010, Clarian received approval to expand its Plan into seventeen additional counties in preparation for it’s November 15—December 31 annual open enrollment period.

Clarian has contracted with BHMI, who in turn has contracted with InteCare, in order to develop a defined, CMHC-based behavioral health network in all thirtyone of the counties in which it will operate by the end of this calendar year.

As with many governmental agencies in recent months, the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) is facing major budget cuts. As part of a solution to this challenge, DCS has moved to work more closely with the CMHC system in the state to try and get a better handle on the delivery of Behavioral Health Services, and to increase it’s access to Medicaid funding.

As part of this effort, on June 9, 2010, DCS entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with BHMI in order to foster a closer working relationship with Indiana CMHCs.

One of the many tasks to be addressed in this evolving partnership involved creating a database of the large array of appropriate services provided by CMHCs across the State. In order to accomplish this rather daunting task, and in an accelerated manner, BHMI contracted with InteCare, Inc., to manage the data collection and quality control processes.

The Agreement for Network Administration, Data Collection and other Managed Care Services between BHMI and InteCare became effective June 1, 2010.

“Our main job is to collect, quality check and provide to DCS all necessary provider organization data that they need for making referrals and purchasing contracted services”, said InteCare Chief Operating Officer Becca Sigafus, who is at the center of the initiative. “It is a very formidable task, but we’re getting it done.”

On a related note reflective of the increasingly close partnership between BHMI and InteCare, Ms. Sigafus will now be officially assisting Sandy Kauffman, BHMI President, with certain executive activities on behalf of BHMI. This will be done through a purchase of time arrangement between BHMI and InteCare, where Ms. Sigafus will remain a full time employee and COO.