Negotiations continue between Anthem, Inc. and InteCare for a subcontract arrangement through which InteCare would provide certain network administrative services to Anthem for the Hoosier Healthwise and Care Select State Medicaid programs.

The groundwork for the partnership was in part laid by Behavioral Health Management, Inc. (BHMI), when last fall BHMI leadership decided to support InteCare in pursuing this relationship.

InteCare initially recommended that they provide full network administrative services by amending it’s InteCare Network Agreements for the Anthem Programs, and then seeking a master agreement with Anthem. However, Anthem elected to not pursue this arrangement.

Subsequently, talks have moved to focusing on the use of the InteCare BHOLT Database in supplying Anthem with provider data on an ongoing basis, and using the same to provide certain network reports. The use of BHOLT would eliminate duplication for providers in supplying multiple insurance and managed care organizations with the same data – all could obtain the data from BHOLT.

InteCare is hopeful that the negotiation process will be concluded before the end of February. For information, contact Geoff Buck, CEO, at 317-237-5775 or at