InteCare Wraps Up Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Initiative between CMHCs and local schools

PBISInteCare has completed and wrapped up the oversight and management of RFF-2015-09: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Initiative between CMHCs and local schools, and we are very pleased with the success of this initiative.  InteCare’s primary role for this initiative was to provide oversight and ensure funds were being spent as intended.  InteCare was responsible for the general administration of the program, financial management, development and review of all required documentation, coordination with the CMHCs and local schools, and overall project management.   The grant period started in Sept 2015 and ended April 30, 2016.  A total of one hundred ninety eight (198) CMHC/School Partnerships were eligible and willing to participate for this funding in late September.  There were two funding points which consisted of awarding up to $15,000.00 for each CMHC/School Partnership that met all necessary criteria.  The First Funding Point was awarded at the end of December 2016 and the Second Funding Point was awarded at the end of April 2016.   Of these partnerships, sixteen (16) CMHCs participated in the initiative across the State and the 198 schools were located in 23 different counties.

The expectations of this grant were met successfully within a very short period of time and up to a total of $5.7 million in funding has been claimed by the selected CMHC/School partnerships.  The participating CMHC/School Partnerships had seven months to complete a very large undertaking and they were successful in doing this.  Below are just some of the testimonials and “success stories” noted by the leadership teams and staff members who participated in this initiative:

  • “Funding allowed the school system the ability to hire a PBIS program director who is working directly with all schools that received funding through the grant to provide coaching and implementation of PBIS in each school.”
  • “Our teachers were excited for the help and our students were even more so! I currently have a pile of wiggle seats in my office with students’ names on them. They insisted they use them again next year, and we couldn’t be more excited about their personal investment in their education!”
  • “We have always wanted to add an area to our café just for families to eat and also where students displaying positive behavior could sit with a special friend.”
  • “The most obvious success is the staff “buy in” we have seen at both of our schools.  The grant allowed us to provide more resources to our staff and also allowed us the opportunity to make recognition a priority.”
  • ” This end of the year was “different ” and the kids felt the difference.  Our teachers are excited about next school year with the training we will continue next year made possible by the grant.”
  • “We had over 900 students with zero referrals for the semester.”
  • “All of the PBIS teams met on a regular basis and had improved communication. This cannot be discounted as a very important aspect in the development of a functional PBIS framework within each school. Each PBIS team had a representative from (the CMHC) which also improved connections with mental health through the process.”
  • “Our end of year discipline referrals for the 2015-16 school year are down another from last year!!”
  • “Having the monies allowed us to do more for Family Nights than ever before.  Supporting the ideas with actual funds is the piece we have been missing.”

This feedback is very exciting and promising and demonstrates the dedication and hard work of all the CMHC/School Partnerships, as well as the progress and importance of this initiative. InteCare is grateful to have been part of such a great opportunity for CMHCs and local schools.