InteCare Telepsychiatry Program’s One Year Anniversary

We are excited to be celebrating the one-year anniversary of our telepsychiatry program! The program went live in August 2012 with Oaklawn Community Mental Health Center. InteCare’s contract psychiatrist, Dr. Ronald Stachler, provides psychiatric services to Oaklawn’s children and adolescent clients in South Bend, Indiana. Dr. Stachler specializes in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and has over twenty years of practice experience. He has a private practice in Zionsville, Indiana and provides telepsychiatry services part-time. Through the telepsychiatry program, InteCare has been able to help Oaklawn provide access to specialized psychiatric services for families and children in a timelier manner.

In addition to increased access to care, the InteCare Telepsychiatry Program helps organizations provide consistent and stable psychiatric services as well as continuity of care. One unique aspect of our program is that InteCare does its best to make sure the physician fits well with the organization and the clinical team. Chris Schoeninger,┬áVice President of Medical Services at Oaklawn, says that what she likes most about the InteCare Telepsychiatry Program is, “the quality of the psychiatrist they provided to us and their willingness to ensure all aspects of the process are satisfactory to us. They were very mindful of finding a candidate who would fit with our agency and staff and he has been great to work with. “

 The program has been very effective and satisfaction has been high. Oaklawn reports that they have had positive feedback from both individuals served and staff regarding the quality of service provided. They have not had any negative feedback regarding services and cancellation/no-show rates are comparable to on-site services. Laurie Nafziger, CEO of Oaklawn, recommends the InteCare Telepsychiatry Program and says,

“InteCare is driven to know the details of telepsychiatry, using research, consultation and legal review to ensure all aspects of the process are done appropriately. New partners will benefit from this knowledge and can be assured that implementation is done per regulations. Communication, problem-solving and follow-through are excellent. InteCare is very collaborative and open to honest feedback. Their preferred model is to work together and they check often to ensure satisfaction. They’re approachable and practice with integrity.”

We are currently expanding our telepsychiatry program. If you are an organization or CMHC interested in receiving telespychiatry services, or a physician interested in providing telepsychiatry services, we would love to talk with you.

For more information contact:

Stacy Veach MSW, LCSW
Clinical Director