InteCare Telepsychiatry Program Up and Running

InteCare is very pleased to announce the startup of our new telepsychiatry program. After much time spent planning and developing a quality telepsychiatry program, the InteCare Telepsychiatry Program went “live” in early August, 2012. InteCare currently provides psychiatric services to a community mental health center in Northern Indiana, allowing for increased access to psychiatric care and specialty services. InteCare’s role is to implement, manage and oversee the program, as well as serve as the financial intermediary and contracting/credentialing entity. The program is based on a hub-and spoke model which allows a physician to provide services to multiple locations and clients throughout the State. Some of the psychiatric services provided include: psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and psychiatric consultations with other providers as needed. InteCare also supplies the technology and technical resources required to run the program, as well as offers support and collaboration regarding equipment and software needs. In addition, the InteCare Telepsychiatry Program provides coordination of services, oversight and monitoring, development of program standards and protocols, training, troubleshooting and quality improvement processes. As the program grows, the intent is to be able to cost share with other community mental health centers and organizations.

The implementation phase of the InteCare Telepsychiatry Program has been very successful and the next steps are to build and expand the program. InteCare is currently reaching out to community mental health centers and organizations that could benefit from telepsychiatry services while continuing to actively recruit quality physicians to provide psychiatric services.

If you are a psychiatrist interested in more information about the opportunity to provide services (or) an organization that may wish to learn more about the InteCare Telepsychiatry Program please contact:

InteCare recently attended the Indiana Psychiatric Society Fall Symposium to network and build our pool of psychiatrists and promote our new telepsychiatry program.

Stacy Veach MSW, LCSW
Clinical Director
InteCare, Inc.
317-522-2764 (office)
317-437-5626 (cell)