InteCare Successfully Completes 2nd Chance Act Reentry Grant

ReentryInteCare has successfully completed a fifteen month 2nd Chance Act Grant in partnership with the Indiana Department of Correction Parole Department.  Over the term of the grant, the program served 82 individuals on parole who experience mental health and/or substance abuse issues.  The InteCare Reentry Coordinator was embedded in the Parole District 3 Office in Marion County and worked closely with a specialized Mental Health Agent. The Reentry Coordinator collaborated with the Parole Agents to identify individuals needing assistance to connect with treatment providers and community resources.  Participants were typically enrolled in the program for 4 – 6 months where they received substantial assistance to find housing, community resources (employment, applying for benefits, and education) and treatment services.  The goal of the program was to help individuals develop sustainable connections with supports and resources they needed to successfully transition back into the community and not return to prison.

A primary focus of the Reentry Coordinator’s duties was finding housing for the participants.  Many individuals had no home to return to after incarceration and would have been homeless were it not for the program and the transitional funds available through the grant.  Focused direct assistance in the community was essential to help participants successfully develop connections to services and resources.  Due to the community based design of the program, the Reentry Coordinator was able to walk side by side with individuals as they developed these connections.  The many appointments, forms and requirements for accessing resources can be overwhelming for any individual.  With the help of the Reentry Coordinator, participants had assistance to successfully navigate these daunting tasks.

We measured the success of the program through successful exits which were defined as: attending treatment, no new charges, clean drug screens for the past month, and completing goals set with Reentry Coordinator.  Sixty-two percent of the 82 participants had successful exits from the program.  Parole agents involved in the program expressed that this was significant as this group of individuals typically return to prison shortly after release and are unable to complete the terms of their parole.