InteCare Provider Network Database – CMHC, Organization and Hospital System Users – Have you updated your information lately?

The InteCare Provider Network Database is a web-based effort to collect the information required for 1) preauthorization of services, 2) adjudication of claims and 3) payment of claims in a single, user friendly location for MDWise programs. The database is used to generate claim files that allow a delivery system to process claims submitted to MDWise delivery systems by the provider. The database should be amended any time there is a change in staff, locations or office hours and should mirror the information in the HP system (formally EDS).

In order for claims to be processed and paid, it is imperative that the information in the database is accurate and up to date. If you participate in MDWise programming, please make sure that you review the information in the database on a regular basis.

Please contact Stacy Veach, Clinical and Provider Relations Director at 317.522.2764 or with any questions regarding how to update your information in the database.