InteCare Now Using the CAQH/Universal Provider Database Application

InteCare has started using CAQH application for initial and recredentialing applications. Providers in our network may now begin submitting credentialing documentation through CAQH. For initial credentialing, providers will need to send us your CAQH number and also fill out a short addendum to the CAQH application. This form has information needed for credentialing that is not listed on the CAQH database. If you are already in the InteCare Network we will notify you by letter that you are due for re-credentialing. We will send the addendum form along with the notice so that you may submit this back to us so we can access your credentialing information through CAQH.

Please remember that it is important that you keep the CAQH database updated with your most current information and remember to attest that your information is accurate every 120 days. If this is not done we will not be able to process your credentialing application.

If you would prefer to use the InteCare application instead of CAQH, it is still available. Please contact us by email or telephone and we will send the InteCare application to you.

We are hopeful this change will make it easier and will be a a less cumbersome process. If you have questions about this you may contact Julie Maxwell-Coker at or at 317-829-5759.