InteCare Credentialing Update!

The InteCare Credentialing Department has gone through many changes in the past year with the build out for MDwise Managed Medicaid Programs and changes in staff. We added a new full time Credentialing Specialist to our team in May of 2009.

As of this Spring, the InteCare Network has 822 individual providers and 45 organizations. InteCare credentials behavioral health providers with an Indiana state license for MD/DO, HSPP, APRN, LCSW, LMFT, & LMHC. We also credential organizations with an accreditation from JCAHO, CARF, COA, HFAP, NCQA or URAC. The organizations in our network include CMHCs, hospitals and small group practices.

If you would like to sign up for current opportunities with InteCare or the MDwise Managed Medicaid programs please contact Julie Maxwell-Coker, Credentialing Manager at or call 317-829-5759 or contact Carol Gorbett, Credentialing Specialist at or call 317-237-5776.

Cenpatico audited the credentialing files they delegate to InteCare in December of 2009. We are proud to say the audit was a success and we will continue to work with Cenpatico.

InteCare also assists Magellan with recredentialing CMHCs for Managed Medicaid programs. We help with the application process for CMHCs and then forward the applications to the CMHCs for final review and approval before sending the application to Magellan. Magellan credentials each physical site of a CMHC separately so you may receive more than one application from Magellan. Please contact Julie Maxwell-Coker if you have questions.

While for Magellan and Cenpatico we are still collecting staff information rosters in an Excel format. However,we are hopeful that we will soon transition these companies to begin using (as does MDWise) the InteCare Provider Database.