InteCare and KEY Consumer Organization Create New Peer-Run Organzation

We are excited to announce that InteCare and KEY Consumer have partnered to create a new not-for-profit organization, Allies IN Recovery. Allies is a Peer-Run organization focused on developing innovative programs by Peers for Peers in Indiana.  The mission of Allies is:

A Peer-Run community-based organization that provides recovery inspiration, hope, support, and education to individuals working toward mental and lifestyle wellness.

Allies is currently working to secure funding for a Peer-Run Respite and Wellness Center in Marion County.  So what is a Peer-Run Respite and Wellness Center? A  Peer-Run Respite is a 24/7 non-clinical alternative to hospitalization for adults with mental health issues who are experiencing a crisis.  The respite program would be located in the community in a home-like setting and staffed by trained Certified Recovery Specialists. Guests staying at the respite are able to come and go as needed to attend appointments or continue to work or go to school during their stay.  Guests staying at the respite set goals for their brief stay to help them grow through the crisis and learn new strategies and tools for dealing with the issues they face.

The Wellness Center is also a non-clinical alternative program offering recovery and wellness focused activities and support to adults with mental health issues.  The Wellness Center would share the same location as the respite program  where guests of the respite could participate in activities along with members of the greater community. Activities are focused on helping individuals to take further steps in their recovery through peer support, advocacy, wellness activities (meditation, music, yoga, writing, art, etc.), educational activities and employment assistance.  The Wellness Center would be open during the day and will offer community based activities on some evenings.

Ronda Ames from KEY Consumer Organization and Lara Williams from InteCare will be presenting on  Peer-Run Respite and Wellness Centers at the NAMI Indiana State Conference on October 6th, 2012. You can still register for the conference on the NAMI Indiana website.

For more information on Allies IN Recovery or Peer-Run Respite and Wellness Centers please contact Lara Williams at InteCare or phone 317-237-5771.