Credentialing & Enrollment

Let InteCare become your credentialing department and more, your “One Stop Shop”!

The requirement of providing numerous payors, extensive information regarding your practice leaves you with a huge administrative and cost burden, as well as issues with your revenue cycle management. We provide one stop credentialing and enrollment for all treatment providers to all of your payors, including Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial Insurance.

  • Streamlines your credentialing process allowing less time between time of hire to time spent in billable hours
  • Removes your administrative burden and decreases hidden costs associated with problems with credentialing and the lack of credentialing expertise

InteCare will take on the administrative burden and do it for less!

  • Manage and complete CAQH applications and updates for all of your licensed providers
  • Complete and submit credentialing application packets for each payor
  • Provide rosters to all payors as needed and upon special requests
  • Provide updates and changes to all payors
  • Manage all locations with the payors
  • Enroll newly licensed staff as Medicaid and Medicare provider
  • Interface with all payors on your behalf
  • Obtain delegated credentialing upon request with all payors

Contact Kimberly Gray McDaniel ( or Carol Gorbett ( to calculate your return on investment and get started today!