Cenpatico is Working to Partner with its Network Providers to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Cenpatico is offering a new program to its network providers to help support continuous quality improvement efforts. They are inviting their network agencies the opportunity to use the innovative ACORN (A Collaborative Outcomes Resource Network) Clinical Support Toolkit to help you measure and manage outcomes. Cenpatico will cover the cost for their provider network to utilize the ACORN tools with all of your Cenpatico clients – there is no cost to you.

ACORN designed the Toolkit to allow clinicians to get real time and aggregate feedback from clients, to measure and assess outcomes over time, and to support clinical decision making that improves client outcomes and satisfaction. The process is simple: clients complete a brief questionnaire at each visit; the results assist clinicians in monitoring treatment progress for each client. The tools include access to clinical algorithms that assist in identifying cases at high risk for poor outcomes or premature treatment termination, as well as access to reports on aggregated results, comparing your outcomes to national benchmarks and permitting you to track improvement in outcomes.

ACORN has created the tools to be as efficient as possible for providers. It takes about two minutes to initially enter demographic data for a client. After that, there is no data entry; the feedback forms are faxed to ACORN and they enter the data. ACORN has found that therapists who spend about five minutes per week reviewing feedback see a significant improvement in outcomes.

If you are part of the Cenpatico Network and are interested in participating in this Cenpatico/ACORN initiative or want to obtain more information, please contact Dellmus Porter, Outpatient Utilization Manager, IN, IL, WI, at 317-684-9478, x20276.