Cenpatico Changes to Come Regarding Revenue Code 510

Pursuant to the IHCP Bulletin BT201157, Cenpatico will be discontinuing the use of Revenue Code 510.  It will be replaced with Revenue Code 513 for dates of service on or after 5/1/2012.  Given this change, all facilities will be required to use Revenue Code 513 on the UB-04 with the corresponding procedural code eligible for outpatient behavioral health services.  Please refer to the table within the IHCP Bulletin – BT201157 for eligible procedural codes as some billable codes have changed.  (E.g. CPT 90862 which is not a reimbursable code for OP facility billing when billed with Revenue Code 513).

For more detailed information regarding this please access the following link:

If you have specific questions about these changes, please contact Cindy Smith, Provider Relations Specialist at 317-684-9478 ext. 20268 or Mark Fisher, Network Manager, at ext. 20257.